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Sumita Chandani Rekhi

Sumita Rekhi with the Hon’ble Minister of State – Mr.Mahesh Sharma – Ministry of Culture

Sumita Chandani Rekhi is a multi-faceted artist. She is a Sculptor, Painter, Singer, Skilled Calligrapher, Poet, Writer of Children’s Educational Books and fiction. She is a Philanthropist and runs a school for under privileged children in Gurgaon. She also holds a Double BA degree in English (Hons) from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University and a Degree in Indian Classical Music “Sangeet Visharad”. To listen to her music click here.

She has been Sculpting at Triveni Kala Sangam for years and also in her own Private Studio in Gurugram. Her works encompass a variety of mediums from bronze, steel  and other metals, to stone and marble, fibre glass, wire gauze and mixed media, including works done directly in plaster of paris and cement. Art for her is an ongoing journey of Self Discovery and experimentative works done in variety of mediums. Her working style is abstract, modern and contemporary with experiments in semi realism as well. To do justice for her love for the French language and cinema, which have had a deep and lasting influence on her, many of her works carry the stamp of French culture and art.

Global Gandhi -The Iron Man in Fibre Glass and Metal, 24*11.5*66 Inches
Global Gandhi -The Iron Man in Fibre Glass and Metal, 24*11.5*66 Inches

Temperamentally she is of a Spiritual bent of mind, (Well versed in the Scriptures) a Reiki Master and she witnesses the world with wonder and fascination, eager to achieve her “divine mission” in which all forms of creativity play a pivotal role.

Views On Art

Art for me is as natural as it is to breathe and as individual as our finger prints. It is a desire to express whatever it is we wish to,  in a creative and artistic manner, with an intention to please the senses or at least to rattle and unnerve them. If it jolts, its art, if it unnerves or repulses or entices one to think, yes, that’s also art.

Espérer (To Hope) in Fibre Glass, 8*4*8.5 Inches
Espérer (To Hope) in Fibre Glass, 8*4*8.5 Inches

I work with a multiple of  mediums since I am at the experimental stage of my journey yet to find myself, yet I search, yet I explore  and share my thoughts and creativity with you through various sculptures and mediums.

Curiosity in Fibre Glass and Steel, 16*9.5*19.5 Inches
Curiosity in Fibre Glass and Steel, 16*9.5*19.5 Inches

I sculpt what I am and that leads me to the question what or who am i. Essentially, I would say I am not a clearly defined label, but an amalgam of changing  experiences ,moods ,vicissitudes and times – of course my thoughts have an indelible influence on my works. My passionate love for the truth lead me to sculpt the works on Gandhi.

Gandhi & The Gun in Fibre Glass, 12*3.5*6.5 Inches
Gandhi & The Gun in Fibre Glass, 12*3.5*6.5 Inches

In my sculptures you will see a wide plethora of subjects and mediums from the divine to the sensuous, from philosophical to quirky, from contemporary and serene to minimalistic and even outrageous. It is all there because, quite simply, it is all me.

Équilibré (Balanced) in Fibre Glassand Wood, 33*8*10 Inches
Équilibré (Balanced) in Fibre Glass and Wood, 33*8*10 Inches

Allow me to take you through my works where my hands move to create, sometimes as an extension of a sketch or a thought, which often gets distorted and changed completely as the work proceeds or you can see me simply staring at a lump of clay and trying to figure out what it has to say to me. Once the thought is clearly cast the work swiftly heads towards completion.

Past Shows:

  • Lalit Kala Academy  2015 Nov
  • Select City Walk 2017 Jan
  • India Art festival 2017 Jan
  • Solo Exhibition at AIFACS 2017 Apr
  • Delhi Diary Art Lounge April 2017
  • The Odyssey – India Habitat Center – Open Palm Court – Aug 2017
  • India Art Festival – Nov 2017
  • Triveni Kala Sangam – Sculpture Court – April 2018
  • India Habitat Center – Visual Art Gallery – Aug 2018
  • International Art Festival Jaipur – Ravindra Rangmanch Art Gallery – Oct 2018
  • Civil Services Officer’s Institute (CSOI Art Gallery) Chanakyapuri – Nov 2018

Penthouse Garden Studio (Only by appointment): I-901, Lagoon Apartment, Ambience Island, NH-8, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana, India

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